Best AI Chatbots review in Perth, Australia

Exploring The Best AI Chatbots In Australia

Custom AI chatbots are changing the way businesses interact with their customers. These digital assistants simulate human conversations, providing instant responses and support. Commonly used in customer service, sales, and information gathering, they can also be deployed for internal business processes. We explore some of the best DIY AI chatbots available for businesses in Perth and across Australia. Please note that these are DIY options only, and significant knowledge of prompt engineering and database development is required to ensure your chatbot delivers results. For a managed solution, book a free consult. offers a customizable AI chatbot solution tailored for websites. It allows for data integration, customization of behavior and appearance, and embedding on websites. Key features include trustworthy answers, lead generation, advanced analytics, multiple data sources, customizations, privacy and security, auto-retrain, integrations, and support for multiple languages. Chatbase is designed for use cases like customer support and lead generation, and it integrates with various platforms and tools.

Pricing offers several pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Offers 30 message credits/month, 1 chatbot, and 400,000 characters/chatbot. It allows embedding on unlimited websites and provides multiple file uploads and conversation history viewing.
  • Hobby Plan: At $19/month, this plan includes 2,000 message credits/month, 2 chatbots, and 11,000,000 characters/chatbot, along with API access and various integrations.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $99/month, it offers 10,000 message credits/month, 5 chatbots, and the option to choose GPT-4.
  • Unlimited Plan: For $399/month, this plan includes 40,000 message credits/month, 10 chatbots, and features like removing 'Powered by Chatbase' branding and using custom domains.


The unique selling point of lies in its highly customizable, data-driven chatbot solutions that cater to specific business needs, making it a versatile tool for diverse applications.

For the latest information, please visit is a platform that allows you to create a customized ChatGPT chatbot using your own business content. It offers easy setup, support for 92 languages, and is powered by ChatGPT-4 ensuring accurate responses from your content. The platform ensures privacy and security for business-grade applications and allows both public and private access to the custom chatbot.


For pricing, offers several plans:

  • Basic: $49/month for 3 custom chatbots, 1000 pages/chatbot, 30 million words content, 500 queries/month.
  • Standard: $99/month for 10 custom chatbots, 5000 pages/chatbot, 60 million words content, 1000 queries/month.
  • Premium: $499/month for 100 custom chatbots, 20,000 pages/chatbot, 300 million words content, 5000 queries/month.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for tailored features and larger scale requirements.


The USP of lies in its ability to provide personalized, accurate ChatGPT responses based on specific business content, enhancing customer service and employee efficiency.

For the latest information, please visit

UChat is a versatile chatbot platform designed for businesses seeking to automate their operations without coding. It supports over 12 social channels, including Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. UChat offers a drag-and-drop flow builder for creating chatbots, AI integration, and features for e-commerce and centralized inbox management. It's suitable for enhancing customer engagement and automating conversations across multiple platforms.


UChat offers a range of pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: Free, includes basic features suitable for small projects.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $29 per month, offering advanced features for growing businesses.
  • Unlimited Plan: At $99 per month, this plan is ideal for large-scale operations with unlimited everything.


The USP of UChat is its ability to automate business processes without any coding requirement, making it accessible to users of all technical levels. Its drag-and-drop builder and integration with various social channels and e-commerce platforms make it a versatile tool for enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication.

For the latest information, please visit


While dIY chatbots provides robust features, some businesses might require a more managed solution, especially in developing structured data and prompt engineering. For such needs, a service like can be invaluable, offering more hands-on support and expertise.

While technology has made setting up a chatbot more affordable and accessible, the ongoing development of structured data and regular training of the chatbot often require specialized AI expertise. For businesses needing more comprehensive support, offers a managed solution that can effectively meet these challenges.

For more information, consider exploring for managed chatbot solutions in Perth and across Australia.

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