Increase efficiency of your team​ with AI adoption

Enable your team in Australia or anywhere in the world, to inquire from your tailored knowledge base and receive immediate responses, similar to ChatGPT.

Instant team support

Provide your team with the ability to instantly access the most relevant information through ChatGPT-powered answers. This not only enhances team performance and job satisfaction but also leads to cost savings for your business.

Orientation, training & development

Leverage Custom ChatGPT for orientation, training, and development, ensuring efficient onboarding, accelerated skill growth, and enhanced workforce productivity in Australia.

Knowledge share and access

Utilize your custom ChatGPT for seamless knowledge sharing and access, facilitating quick and efficient information exchange across your organization for inhouse and remote teams.


  • Instant AI chat support for team members in Australia

    Instant Support

    AI chatbots provide real-time assistance to team members, offering quick solutions to queries and issues.

  • Team orientation in Australia done by using mychatGPT AI chatbots

    Team Orientation

    Guide new team members through the onboarding process, providing information about company policies, procedures, and culture.

  • Training and development with custom GPTs

    Training Assistance

    Provide information, quizzes, and interactive content, contributing to a more engaging and effective learning experience.

  • Knowledge share with team members using AI database

    Knowledge sharing

    Facilitate easy access to relevant information and resources, promoting a collaborative and informed workplace.

  • Task automation for Australian teams using custom chatGPT

    Task automation

    AI chatbots can automate routine tasks, freeing up time for team members to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their roles.

  • Resource accessed with help of AI database

    Resource Accessibility

    AI chatbots enable easy access to organizational resources, documents, and databases, streamlining information retrieval processes.

How To Build A Strong Knowledge Base For Your Custom ChatGPT

What is a knowledge base in the context of custom chatGPTs and how businesses and team can benefit from it?

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